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I have started taking selfies… but not the usual ones, laughing, eating something strange or my feet at the beach. I am trying to create rituals & practices to create a best friendship with myself.

My internal critic has been a powerful, loud and mean part of my internal monolog for years.  Trying to shut her up has been a process.  My best way of coping and quieting her – is to create rituals that give me proof that she lies.

For years, I just decided I didn’t need to be in any photo’s because I was less than.  How strange is that?  It is humbling to set down the word weapons you use against yourself.

Changing the Voice with these two amazing online resources – http://www.viviennemcmasterphotography.com/be-your-own-beloved/ & a Facebook group called We were there, too.  About how Momma’s need pictures with their children.

This photo pictures me with a halo of art.  I love that it shows me as I was at the time.  It is a grieving picture for me.