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I took a recent trip to Port Townsend, WA and it is crazy beautiful… go, go now! My Momma, Pappa &  Squirt spent a few days exploring this stunning area of our state.

I kept snapping pictures of textures – sand, rust, decks of boats, wood and one awesome bucket.  How do I work these into my artwork & journals?

  • Toner Print them out for background textures – in b & w & color
  • Often a picture like this is hung on my inspiration board
  • Color combos – the bucket will inspire a page or two!

Brave Art Journaling

Discover your Story & Journal It!

Working with your favorite medium, some mixed medium & your heart. This class works with you as an artist with new techniques, tools & tips to discover your story. We will explore inspiration, storytelling, & heart work to give your voice wings!

Come along for the journey.

Wednesdays 7-10 pm @ Cole’s Studio    (contact us for address)

Fri 10-1 pm @ Myrna’s Studio in Puyallup    (contact us for address)

$20 per class