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Reclaiming Homemaker – A safe place

I recently found out I was horrified by the change from Home-Ec to Home Consumer Sciences. I claim feminism and love my fierce believe in equality. BUT I ALSO HOLD SACRED HOMEMAKER. I am a slightly hippy, local food loving Momma. I gave up the high powered career to raise my child and nanny my brother’s children. Was it the path I thought my life would take? NOPE, never.

My path was surprising, as my hubby and I thought about building a family we quickly realized it would take one of us leaving the 60 hours a week to create a space to build a family. I worked in to build a small but meaning-filled art business two years before we started trying for a family. I then started nannying my brothers two children before I had children of my own.

During this time, I spent a lot of time explaining what I did exactly… that is when I landed on Creative Homemaker. I created a sacred safe creative space for my two charges to flourish and when I became pregnant. I focused even more on Home Making. This was a term I was raised to joke about. I love the term in my art to be a maker. I feel the energy in this language.

As ancestrial diet and local eating became the craze, my need to be a homemaker and claim the sovernty of that language turned on even more. I feel like my work is seasonally driven and it is work that is rhythmic.

I have put my own unique spin on Homemaking. I am a creative soul and my heart was nurtured by my family who believed in me. When I was told “I was not an artist” at school, the craft and art supplies ever increased at my home. This was essential for my soul to continue to breath. The creative work I engaged in at home helped me develop until my heart, until my head said – “who cares” in late high school and I started taking art classes again… surprised or not at all, I was pretty good.

Home can be a place were we create safe spaces for the whole family can figure out what makes them tick. How do we inspire vulnerability and life long learning at home?


Book Club – Reimagined

When I wanted to start an empowering women’s book club I emailed about ten of the ladies in my life that had showed some interest in diving deeper into Brene’ Brown’s work, Daring Greatly. Who responded? Two women. One who I was recently reacquainted with (see earlier post on Duct Tape) and one who many had said “you and her should be friends.” So not exactly who I thought. We met the first time and wow. It was like we had been together for years. The club quickly and affectionately became known as “Wine Club” with books. We started reading books about business and sharing our many lessons learned on our hard-fought journey toward self-acceptance and living in larger bodies. All of us agreed about a year in we should host a daylong retreat to create space for women to investigate the way they talk about and treat their bodies.

The lesson for me in this was- the book club was not what I expected. Driving to the first meeting I felt disappointed and somewhat a failure for not getting enough interest. I think I even opened the meeting with “I’m Sorry…” My achilles heal of self-love, blaming myself. That is when the lovely red head next to me said, “Why are you sorry, the right people are here.” Period end of story.

Is there a community you are hoping to create? What’s stopping you? It might not look like you envisioned, and that might be the best thing about it.