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Reclaiming Homemaker – A safe place

I recently found out I was horrified by the change from Home-Ec to Home Consumer Sciences. I claim feminism and love my fierce believe in equality. BUT I ALSO HOLD SACRED HOMEMAKER. I am a slightly hippy, local food loving Momma. I gave up the high powered career to raise my child and nanny my brother’s children. Was it the path I thought my life would take? NOPE, never.

My path was surprising, as my hubby and I thought about building a family we quickly realized it would take one of us leaving the 60 hours a week to create a space to build a family. I worked in to build a small but meaning-filled art business two years before we started trying for a family. I then started nannying my brothers two children before I had children of my own.

During this time, I spent a lot of time explaining what I did exactly… that is when I landed on Creative Homemaker. I created a sacred safe creative space for my two charges to flourish and when I became pregnant. I focused even more on Home Making. This was a term I was raised to joke about. I love the term in my art to be a maker. I feel the energy in this language.

As ancestrial diet and local eating became the craze, my need to be a homemaker and claim the sovernty of that language turned on even more. I feel like my work is seasonally driven and it is work that is rhythmic.

I have put my own unique spin on Homemaking. I am a creative soul and my heart was nurtured by my family who believed in me. When I was told “I was not an artist” at school, the craft and art supplies ever increased at my home. This was essential for my soul to continue to breath. The creative work I engaged in at home helped me develop until my heart, until my head said – “who cares” in late high school and I started taking art classes again… surprised or not at all, I was pretty good.

Home can be a place were we create safe spaces for the whole family can figure out what makes them tick. How do we inspire vulnerability and life long learning at home?



A teachable moment sometimes comes when you least expect it. I had one of these this year when I asked a long lost friend to coffee with a side of duct tape.

I had seen a friend from Junior high pinning swim suits & knew from Facebook that she was in her year of yes! I decided to send her a brave message – “I know I haven’t seen you for 20 years but do you want to wrap each other in duct tape & make a mannequin of your likeness for sewing?”

Of course, she said yes!

As we reconnected and realized we were kindred spirits, we wrapped and noticed the elegant angels of each others form (artist & massage therapist). It was then that the talk turned to societal beauty and our thoughts around Health at Every Size (HAES). I fight for my self worth fiercely… she does the same.

I never realized having a form , a realistic look at yourself is shocking. I spent a ton of time just staring at it. I have plans to make some clothing for myself but the work of the mannequin has accomplished so much all ready.

It has given me eyes to see myself & I am so thankful.

beautifully made
beautifully made
My bad- to-the-bone duct tape self
My bad- to-the-bone duct tape self
All wrapped up - armor on!
All wrapped up – armor on!
Stand up straight, strange feeling corset
Stand up straight, strange feeling corset



Making art in every moment.. is one of my creative practices. I am also a list keeper.  Working on decluttering my home gave me a unique opportunity to create a mind map for the list of things I needed to accomplish in each room.

But my creative practice required me to find a beautiful quote about clutter, stamp it out & draw a funky home around it.  I then used the rest of the paper to fill out the map for each room! I loved looking at it and because it wasn’t small – I could always find it!

Think about how you can create practices that increase low risk creativity!