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My heart yearns for story. I love it, it seeps into my pours and helps me focus my creative inspiration. My Hubby Smash spent the last two years as a MBA student and working full time… so I had some time on my hands to indulge in story.

I started with Tolkien. I have had an affinity since a child for the the story of the Hobbit. But with the Lord of the Rings movies… I fell in love with the epic drama of it all.

I found Professor Olsen and started listening to his college lecture on Tolkien. If you are a fan, this resource is phenomenal and will deepen your knowledge of all things Tolkien.

What stories feed your soul?



I LOVE THRIFTING! Don’t you?  My favorite isles are the home goods.  I found this little owl and it was not too cute when I found it… it was brown, and not the good kind of brown!  So I started by spraying it with black paint, then added layers of acrylic & metallics over the surface!

I love hanging him up in the fall!

What is your fall decor? Are you a Junker?