I am a spiritual storyteller, listener, speaker & artist! I help creative sisters & misters use creativity to harness their story and transform their lives.

I laugh & love with my main squeeze, Steve, together we raise our delightfully intelligent Kindergardener, Squirt.  We love geeky movies, tough boardgames & antique hunting.

Enjoying Summer Sun!
Retreat leading on the Puget Sound

The longer & more illuminated life story….

I went to college to become a nurse… passed out the first time I drew someone else’s blood and quickly became a communications major.  To this day I am peeved that my electives credits show up as Anatomy & Physiology! I ended four years with degrees in Public Relations, Speech Communication Theory & Visual Arts!

I went to work in PR for eight interesting years and always expected my art to be a hobby… I sold a few paintings a year and was happily working my way up to middle management. Then one day someone asked me to do a 19 foot mural that I knew I couldn’t squeeze into my “part, part, part time job” – then Steve suggested the unimaginable. . . QUIT YOUR DAY JOB?

Then I did, shaking in my hose & heals! Haven’t worn either since and fell in love with creativity as a force to change environments.

I found creating art for shows & sale was not where I served best. My heart was drawn to work with churches, healers, families & other artists.

I now work as a listener. Witnessing the stories of life & creating works steeped in story.


Questions or work inquiries? I would love to hear from you! Drop me a line at cole at woohoocreative dot com.

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