Preschool Painting – The brown period

As a creative Mother and Homemaker, painting was a big part of our weekly activities in our home. Most of the time, we worked only with Red, Blue & Yellow (the primary colors). This was great for a while when it was just about getting each individual color on the paper. Then started the mixing phase. Where beautiful greens, oranges and violets flourished- NOT! Nope – this kicked off the brown phase. Where all of the paint became mixed together into elephant skin colors or bark tones.

Usually to the delight and disappointment of my young artist. This phase is hard even for me the veteran art teacher – not to touch the paint or the creation.

I would give in to my own urge to not have grey reign. Only giving two of the primaries or two analogous colors so that days work would be vibrant still. It wasn’t until we reached the end of this phase, that I realized the power of the the brown period. He learned how to push the colors and also how to STOP!

The many months… years of brown. Gave him an understanding, I could not give him. His cells had to learn this on their own.

Let your kids experiment – I double dog dare you!