NEW ART SHOW – 30 new pieces


PUYALLUP CITY HALL, 5th Floor, 333 S Meridian
Showing now through July 10
Meet the Artist Reception May 19 5:30-7 pm

This show is a collection of art quilts and acrylic mixed media paintings. I love the play of textures in this show. This collections roots come from my love of women’s stories and handiwork.

I actively try and reclaim the sacred work of home-making. An ancestral view of women spending effort and time to make home a beautiful safe place to grow a family is a connection to the past I hope to emulate. Scrap quilts and beautiful paintings have graced homes for centuries. It is no surprise to me that the recently the handprint cave paintings where discovered to be female hands. This is part of the magic of womanhood and work of our gifts. Homemaker’s Hope is a statement of authority for me to create a safe place for my family to be who they are.


As an artist, I live my life out loud and am always creating – everyday in fact. After completing an art degree in college I set about living my life in a creative way – I work with families, individuals, churches & businesses to have their stories and values come to life in commissioned works of art. I work in acrylics, fiber art, public speaking, sculpture, and journaling.