I LOVE THRIFTING! Don’t you?  My favorite isles are the home goods.  I found this little owl and it was not too cute when I found it… it was brown, and not the good kind of brown!  So I started by spraying it with black paint, then added layers of acrylic & metallics over the surface!

I love hanging him up in the fall!

What is your fall decor? Are you a Junker?



Making art in every moment.. is one of my creative practices. I am also a list keeper.  Working on decluttering my home gave me a unique opportunity to create a mind map for the list of things I needed to accomplish in each room.

But my creative practice required me to find a beautiful quote about clutter, stamp it out & draw a funky home around it.  I then used the rest of the paper to fill out the map for each room! I loved looking at it and because it wasn’t small – I could always find it!

Think about how you can create practices that increase low risk creativity!


SMASH ~ drawing!

Peek inside my Smash Book… I love taking it on the road with just one Zig pen! This book is dedicated to collecting quotes that inspire me.  How do you interact with quotes?

Think about filling in your background with black... pops the quotes
Think about filling in your background with black… pops the quotes
Trying out new font types... & tree shapes!
Trying out new font types… & tree shapes!
Zentangling up a storm! Love the fishes!
Zentangling up a storm! Love the fishes!
The bamboo was a copy of a painting I did, love how the quote works it's way around the painting
The bamboo was a copy of a painting I did, love how the quote works it’s way around the painting
Love capturing idea's for other artwork... great place to experiment!
Love capturing idea’s for other artwork… great place to experiment!


IMG_0861 IMG_0875 IMG_0766 IMG_0749 IMG_0728 IMG_0710

I took a recent trip to Port Townsend, WA and it is crazy beautiful… go, go now! My Momma, Pappa &  Squirt spent a few days exploring this stunning area of our state.

I kept snapping pictures of textures – sand, rust, decks of boats, wood and one awesome bucket.  How do I work these into my artwork & journals?

  • Toner Print them out for background textures – in b & w & color
  • Often a picture like this is hung on my inspiration board
  • Color combos – the bucket will inspire a page or two!

Brave Art Journaling

Discover your Story & Journal It!

Working with your favorite medium, some mixed medium & your heart. This class works with you as an artist with new techniques, tools & tips to discover your story. We will explore inspiration, storytelling, & heart work to give your voice wings!

Come along for the journey.

Wednesdays 7-10 pm @ Cole’s Studio    (contact us for address)

Fri 10-1 pm @ Myrna’s Studio in Puyallup    (contact us for address)

$20 per class